Space Jam eJuice is the only Brand you need

I was new to the world of vaping when I went into a local vaping bar. I didn’t know what to expect, although I had read a bit about this new trend online. I hoped that I would be welcomed with open arms and helpful, friendly people, considering I knew so little about e-cigarettes, ejuices or the overall vaping experience. That night changed my life and I am proud to say I am now a regular vapor who knows his stuff!


The folks inside of the vaping bar were so happy to see me. Instantly I felt welcomed, as if I had just entered a room full of old friends I hadn’t seen in a while. When I alerted them to the fact that I was new to vaping, everyone was eager to help me learn. One thing that each and every person told me was that Space Jam e juice¬†would enhance my experience. I immediately tried the Pluto flavor and I agree with every single person who recommended the brand.

The Space Jam ejuices are so much fun! Instead of bringing you the usual flavors and names, this brand buzzes far out of this world and brings you spacey names (did Pluto give it away) and lots of fun and exciting flavors that you don’t find with just every ejuice brand out there.

Right now Space Jam has a total of eight wonderful flavors available to choose from. As I mentioned, these are not the usual everyday flavors that every other company out there offers. Instead you’ll find unusual flavors and those that will certainly help you enjoy your vaping experience to the fullest. Pluto, for example, is a combination of cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon, with a nice hint of mint to finish it off. I love it! You won’t find this flavor just anywhere, and believe me when I say it is intriguing and delightful. Venus, another ejucie from Space Jam, has an aroma and taste of fire-roasted marshmallows combined with peanut butter. If you want to be taken back to your childhood, Venus will definitely take you there. And remember this is just two of the many different flavors that you can enjoy.

Since I began vaping Space Jam ejuices are the only brand that I have used. I do have my favorites out of their collection, but I have tried each and everyone of them. I can say the flavors are deep yet still mellow, very invigorating and delightful for a vaping experience. I do not think that I will need to venture out to another brand of ejuice for a very long time.